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Denim Mini-Backpack Keychain

$ 15.00

New Upcycled Denim Pouches!

  • Made of up-cycled denim.  
  • Approximately 4" x 3"
  • real zipper closer 
  • added keyring or clip

Great for spare change, matchbox cars, creative wrapping for gift cards/cash or any little treasures, this teeny backpack makes the perfect gift!  With real zipper closer, loop handle and added keyring or clip, these little bags are sure to please any boy or girl with a unique treasure carrier!  Handmade from one of our all-time favorite materials, these unique creations do good for the planet by up-cycling jeans and repurposing them for a whole new life as our simply adorable pouches.

Empower women and save the planet!  Uniquely made by a fellow sister in Mexico, no one else will have one just like it!

With every purchase, you give women overcoming poverty a hand up by way of education in a the trade of sewing and living wage employment to put her newfound skill to work in the global marketplace.  Now her kids can go to school while she make a living creating beautiful items from home and from the organization's sewing center.  Such a great cycle of fair trade!  


Do Good.  Shop Fair.

Change the World!

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