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Essential Oil Roller Ball

$ 12.00

The powerful properties of essential oils have been tapped since ancient times and across all cultures for physical, mental, and emotional healing. Derived from highly concentrated plant products, these four specially blended oils deliver profound sensations of Calm, Energy, Immunity, or Balance.

  • Packaged in frosted glass tube
  • For external use only
  • 0.34 oz
  • 3.25" L x 0.75" W (8.3 x 1.9 cm)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Calm: jojoba seed oil, sweet orange oil, natural vanilla, patchouli oil, ho wood oil, cedar wood atlas bark oil

Energy: coconut oil, grapefruit peel oil, rosemary leaf extract, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, & ho wood oil.

Immunity: coconut oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, spearmint oil, lavender oil, lemon peel oil, clove flower oil, oregano oil

Balance: jojoba seed oil, lavender oil, lemon peel oil, natural vanilla, rose geranium oil, ho wood oil

Made by:

Founded in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, Magdalene is a two-year residential community for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction. Founded not just to help a sub-culture of women, but to help change the culture itself, Magdalene stands in solidarity with women who are recovering from sexual abuse, violence, and life on the streets, and who have paid dearly for a culture that buys and sells women like commodities. Thistle Farms began in 2001 as the cottage business of Magdalene, with the aim of helping women gain much-needed job skills and learn responsibility and cooperation. Thistle Farms is a supportive workplace where women acquire the skills they need to earn a living wage. It employs 45-50 residents or graduates, and through its Global partners, another 1,000 women are employed. Half of the leadership team of Thistle Farms are residents and graduates of the program.

The women of Thistle Farms make natural bath and body products that are good for the earth and for the body. They use premium, natural ingredients to create products that offer healing to themselves and the world. The women of Thistle Farms become specialists in the areas of manufacturing, inventory, book keeping, sales and office administration.

Thistle Farms reaches over 700 women yearly through residential program services, case management, referrals, legal services, the courts and general outreach.  In the past year, they have paid over $800,000 directly to women survivors in paychecks. They have trained 2,500 advocates through their education program. They save their community over $700,000 each year through incarceration and arrest savings and contributions back to society. Last year the social enterprises surpassed $1,700,000 in revenue. Thistle Farms is on target to reach $2,000,000 in the coming year. 84% of women entering the program graduate two and a half years later clean and sober.

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