Cascading, Hand-Beaded Ugandan Necklace

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I M P A C T + C U L T U R E 

The Maasai tribe of Africa is well known for its traditional handmade bead jewelry. Beadwork has been an important part of Maasai culture for many years. 

The beadwork an individual wears will signify their age and social status. Generally individuals of high social standing will wear more colorful and intricate jewelry. Beads also serve as an important source of income for the Maasai.

Now made all over Kenya, Uganda, and more African countries, our jewelry helps street kids to learn a traditional art form, create, and have a hand up to break the chain of homelessness and poverty.  Read more about the impact of your purchase and the artisans who made this jewelry.


  • multiple bead strands that gradually increase in length, creating a layered, cascading look
  • closes with a loop and ball, made of beads for seamless connection
  • materials used: Maasai beads, nylon stringing line, some have clasps/hooks
  • size: shortest bead strand to the longest layer = approximately 2"
  • full length range from 19" to 22"
  • choose a color family, then enjoy the surprise of your unique creation  
  • No two are just alike! 

S H O P  T H E  C H A N G E 

Your purchase empowers people in need with a hand up via safe, living wage employment.

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Your purchase of this quality, one-of-a-kind gift empowers survivors of oppression through ethical, living wage artisan employment. 

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