India: Noah's Ark Partnership

Noah's Ark empowers artisans in Moradabad, India, to break the cycle of poverty. Trained artisans "graduate" and create an independent business. Your purchase supports these artisans and preserves a part of Indian culture and livelihood at risk of being lost.
In 1986, after witnessing the struggles of artisans firsthand, Samuel Masih launched Noah's Ark International Exports out of a room in a house. The headquarters were small, but the goal was big: to change the foundation of the exporter-artisan relationship from fear to trust, lift artisans out of poverty, and preserve their livelihoods. Inspired by the biblical story of Noah's Ark saving mankind, the organization strives to save handcrafts by providing artisans with fair wages, business skills, and resources. Once artisans become self-sufficient, new artisans are brought in for training and the process begins again. The enterprise's Artisan Welfare Society was created in 2000 to advance charitable activities, including clean water, education, and health initiatives. The organization currently works with 49 artisan groups, employing over 500 individual artisans.