Artisan Impact - Peru

 Luz is from Lima and met her husband Marco Antonio when she was studying in Huancayo, a valley in the mountains of Perú. Her husband worked originally in metals, making home accessories, and with this experience they were able to move to Lima and start working in making jewelry with alpaca metal, bronze, and Peruvian stones. 

luz artisan partner for do good shop from peru

They currently have a workshop with 10 workers, and work in conjunction with six additional artisan families who work from their homes. Many members of Luz’s family are in the business and they are known for their organization and strong word to finish orders on time.

Luz and her family also have a store in Lima where they sell their jewelry. In particular, Luz’s daughter Sandra attends to clients at the store and works in the administrative aspect of the family business. Further, Sandra enjoys traveling to other countries in Latin America to sell her products to clients who aren’t able to travel and buy directly in Perú.  Each purchase of their unique, handmade Peruvian items makes a real difference in the lives of the artisan partners working with Luz in her small, fair trade business.