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Activated Bamboo Charcoal Tee

$ 46.00

You've got to experience this shirt to believe it!  So soft.  Super stylish.  And resists odor too!  Plus, each shirt represents FREEDOM for survivors of human trafficking, now safe because of your good purchase!  Win-Win.

Made from Activated charcoal bamboo, this shirt is anti-odor, anti-fade and ready for any adventure. 

Not just your "basic" T-shirt. Comfortable enough to sleep in, while attractive enough to dress up - our Tee is designed to be the first shirt you reach for. Made from activated bamboo charcoal fabric - our shirt is ridiculously soft, sustainably produced and ethically made. 

Activated Bamboo Charcoal is:
- antimicrobial
- anti-odor
- made without harsh chemical and pesticides
- moisture-wicking
- dye free, will not fade
- exceptionally soft

Sizing differs slightly from your average Tee - please consult our sizing chart photos to help choose the fit right for you.

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