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Metallic Block Print Cosmetic Bag

$ 22.00

These lively metallic prints dazzle on a hip and roomy cosmetic bag.  The shape is perfect, with a dart, to create space inside while still being compact.  The piping and tassel is made with assorted sari patterns, adding a festive flair to this fun bag.  Lining is light gray.  Matching plastic colored zipper.  

9" x 3" x 7.5"  

Made of cotton, plastic zipper, up-cycled Indian textiles, brass.  Machine wash with like colors, gentle cycle.

Fair trade, hand made, recycled/up-cycled, funds community development,  

Each bag is hand made by an artisan from a small village in India.  When small producer groups grow, more artisans become self-sufficient, education levels increase, and families and communities prosper.  

Thank you for being a part of these artisans stories of hope and life transformation! 

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