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Tibetan Silver Hope Collection

$ 26.00

Both necklace and earrings feature two small, dangling charms, all made of Tibetan silver. The necklace is on a sterling silver chain, and the earrings are on sterling silver french wire.  This set is a customer favorite!

About the artists... 

In Beijing, China a growing population of disadvantaged women have fled Tibet and Western China to find education and safety for their children. These women survive by making jewelry and selling it on blankets in the streets and subway stations of the City. To help get these women and their children off the streets and realize their dream of prosperity for their families, our partner organization has begun sourcing designs from them and funding education for their children.

This effort grows through the purchases of their designs as well as charitable contributions.  Your purchase will actively support purposeful and ethical employment for these women as the create this gorgeous jewelry.  

Wear her story proudly!

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