a 501(c)(3) nonprofit benefitting survivors of human trafficking, poverty and oppression through ethical artisan employment
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About us

Do Good Shop is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit  empowering survivors of oppression to rise up out of human trafficking, modern day slavery, homelessness, poverty & injustice through ethical, living wage artisan employment.

  All items made by and profits benefit our partner artisans.


Our Purpose

for you:  Connecting everyday shoppers with an easy (& fun) way to shop ethically!

for the world:  Fighting for JUSTICE by creating a marketplace for artisan survivors to have access to U.S. shoppers, thus giving them OPPORTUNITY to STAY FREE by making a living wage via safe employment.


How we do it

When you make a purchase at Do Good Shop, 3 key things happen.

  1. You create demand  . . . for fair and dignified work throughout the world, helping to keep typically disadvantaged people around the globe ethically employed.  And you help ease global poverty through sustainable, long term economic development in vulnerable areas.
  2. You use your spending dollars to vote . . . AGAINST human trafficking, forced labor, poverty, child labor, homelessness, violence & injustice.  
  3. You feel good!  (And, quite frankly, look good!)  . . . wearing clothes and jewelry that tell a story of hope.  You are helping to provide safe work & hope for people who have suffered so that their lives can be transformed.

YOU make a difference with every purchase!


So now what?

Go ahead!!  

  • Buy that tee shirt!  
  • Shop for GIFTS that DO GOOD this holiday season!
  • Have a little "retail therapy" session, guilt free!

You're shopping for a great cause now, so go for it!   Whether you buy 1 item or 10, every purchase, big or small, makes an impact!


Way to go, you!  

Be the change you wish to see in this world!  

Do Good.  Shop Fair.


Thank you for joining us in this mission!  We are thrilled to partner with you in doing good!

The Do Good Shop Team & artisans

Do Good Shop runs like a business, but is actually a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that not only does each purchase create jobs for vulnerable artisans, but also all profits go directly back into supporting the artisans and their communities, and educating others about this great need.  Our hearts desire is to encourage economic development in vulnerable areas and affect industry change, increasing demand for ethically made goods and spreading the word that we can do good when we shop fair!