We'd love to make it EASY for everyone to educate themselves about the current, tragic realities of modern day slavery, as well as make it easy to be inspired to be part of the solution through shopping ethically.  Below are a variety of resources to educate, motivate and direct you to safe and fair shopping choices, beginning with a safer shopping section and moving on below that to a variety of books, documentaries and anti-slavery organizations.


Here is a fun section for you to launch and continue fighting oppression with your pocketbooks. 

We have separated the resources into three categories:

DO GOOD is for companies that actively combat oppression and fight injustice with their work. Shopping from places here, like at DO GOOD SHOP, actively assists people coming out of damaging systems.

DO NOT HARM is a collection of companies who are doing their part to stop harming with their supply chain and business model. They are not per say actively rehabilitating people coming out of tough circumstances but they sure as heck are not furthering the damage with their work, bless their souls.  

Lastly, DO LESS HARM is for companies that are initiating the process or making their best efforts to improve the damaging effects of consumerism. 


Just below is our quick glimpse rating system. For further research and more in depth rating you can follow this link to see a companies grade as well as find a wealth of information and resources on companies we frequent:

End Slavery Now

Baptist World Aid



Do Good Shop (hence the name, friends)

Mata Traders

Elegantees  ​(I love their dresses and shirts! Comfy and good quality!)

Known Supply Co. (trendier fashions)

Global Mamas

Sudara​ ​(fabulous PJ/lounge pants!)

Grain of Rice Project​   (jewelry and accessories with African flair)

for a list of Fair Trade Federation member companies, click here.



for a full list of Certified B Corporation apparel companies, click here.



Carve Designs



Newly (home goods)





Looking to educate yourself and get passionate about being part of the movement to end modern day slavery and human trafficking?  Here are some resources to get you started.

International Justice Mission (world renowned leader in anti-slavery law, policy, rescue and research)



The Locust Effect

Slave to Fashion

Half the Sky



The Abolitionists

In Plain Sight

The True Cost