The beginning of a dream . . .

My journey to open this little non-profit boutique (Do Good Shop) actually started years ago. Not long after learning more of the hard-to-swallow details about what really goes on in the production of my fashion purchases, I set out on a year long experiment:  removing my shopping dollars from the fashion industry and solely shopping at secondhand stores for my wardrobe. Honestly you guys, it was SO FUN & so freeing (for many reasons!) that I just kept on going!! (With the exception of undies and swimwear, so far. That'll be my next shopping challenge!)  Still to this day. . . thrifting is one of my favorite things to do!

Then a couple years ago, in addition to removing my dollars from fast fashion, I wanted to start some new shopping habits that could serve as a way to "cast my vote" for ethically made items.  I wanted to create more demand for fair and ethical fashion, clothes that didn't hurt anyone in their path to me.  I know in a sea of literally millions of people still caught in modern-day slavery, it seems like my little vote is inconsequential. Won't make a difference in this worldwide issue that is massive in scope. But still, I shop this new way.  And I believe that one more drop in the bucket of fashion industry transformation is STILL one more vote for freedom and fairness and justice.  That though small, my vote, when combined with others, can be mighty. That my voice and my consumerism-choices do matter, no matter how small it feels. I know that I want to be a part of being the change I wish to see in the world. That if I don't like the harsh facts about the way people are treated and used in the fashion and production supply chain, then I can raise my one little voice and be an agent for change.

And now . . . now friends, listen to what has happened! God has graciously blessed me with a dream of connecting more shoppers, more people with ethical, beautiful and justice-giving goods. And blessed me with a super supportive BFF-husband-partner who's willing to go ALL IN on this mission with me (emotionally, practically, and financially!!), to be a champion for the cause of the suffering as well. And my kids, oh my kids!  They are on board, rooting for me, cheering for this boutique and for the change it can bring to hurting souls around the world. Even my littlest guy says, "Mama, is that for the website?  Is that a Do Good bag?"

And to all my friends and family, who KNOW that I always have LOTS of crazy ideas and options to choose from, who know all that makes up the emotional and wonderful and difficult and beautiful and passionate me, THANK YOU for cheering me on, encouraging me to do this thing, and walking with me in this chance to bring more love, more justice, more freedom, more mercy to this broken, hurting and yet wonderfully beautiful world we live in.

Jenni : )

Founder, Do Good Shop

Do good.  Shop fair.

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  • Megan

    Yay! Happy to have a place to find gifts and good stuff that make a difference in the world.

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