I am tearing up right now.

You guys. Its only been 2 short years of Do Good Shop.  Just over 24 months of this fledgling nonprofit and our wide-eyed vision to change the world.  We have big dreams around here, but knew we'd have to start small.  One sale at a time, one new customer at a time, one victim of injustice helped at time.  To quote Bob in one of my all time favorite movies, "baby steps" to changing the world.

But you guys.  Oh, you wonderfully big-hearted supporters of Do Good Shop.  You are the reason I am teary today.  Apparently you are not content with going too slowly.  Because YOU have showed up.  BIG time!

Y'all ready for this??  Brace yourselves. (and wait through my love for words for the big reveal -lol)


This past Saturday, we marked the 2 year anniversary of Do Good Shop with a sip | shop | celebrate party.  My friend snapped this picture.  I love the message.  PERSIST.  The ills of the world are GREAT and greatly discouraging.  It's hard to keep moving forward, often thinking there is no way we can make a dent in all that needs to change.  And yet . . . that little ray of light shining through.  HOPE.  Hope that we can make a difference.  Hope that says to the oppressed, "We see you. And we will not look the other way."

And YOU, our amazing shoppers and world-changers, have NOT looked the other way!    Quite the opposite.  This very weekend you helped our young nonprofit hit a benchmark that deserves a grand celebration!  How fitting.

     In just over 2 short years, you have raised

OVER $100K

for victims of injustice all over the globe!!


Friends.  I am floored.  That is a LOT of living wage work in developing countries!  Sustainable freedom and rescue to former victims of oppression created by YOU.  Look at you go!


Every time you shop, modern day slaves are freed.  Victims of trafficking are given rescue and safe work with each item you buy.  Children are provided with education instead of labor because of your good purchases.  We are so very grateful. 
You have seriously stepped up and joined us in our heart’s dream and our nonprofit's mission. . .  To provide rescue for victims of sex trafficking. To eradicate modern day slavery. To create dignified jobs for the homeless and marginalized. To give safe, living wage employment to survivors of oppression. To reach out and give a hand up to people in need all over the world.  YOU.  Beautiful you.  You have done so much good.
And, to be honest, we cannot wait to see all the good you will do moving into these next 2 years.

More happy tears to come!


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