About the Artisan: Artists with Disabilities, Nepal

graphic story how fair trade works

Breaking the cycle of poverty and igniting social change starts with you.

Joining the movement is as simple as making a donation to support interest-free micro-finance investments for artisans, many of whom are women and others often excluded from the global economy.

Investments are not handouts. Your donation helps artisans stay in business and out of debt, earn a fair wage that puts food on the table, maintain access to healthcare, and provide education opportunities. You are developing and training makers who, in turn, ignite community health and growth. Your generous investment changes lives across the world.

Together, we are the solution to economic injustice.

Fighting global poverty means addressing root causes and finding solutions. Providing safe working conditions, fair wages, and financial stability goes farther than giving charity.  Empowering women and others excluded from the global economy inspires them to create positive change for their families and communities.

As history has shown, growing financial stability breaks the cycle of generational poverty.

But there is still a long way to go. Poverty and exploitation are still a reality, and we will continue to invest in and partner with artisans around the world until all are able to live a life of quality and help their families and communities thrive.

Your conscientious purchases are part of the solution to global economic injustice.  Grateful for you!