Artisan Impact: Bangladesh, Motif

Deep hope shared by Farjana and her daughter for their future women artisans fair trade ethical crafts for do good shop

British designer Jackie Corlett, worked with Jharna from 1989 in a local Bangladeshi hand crafts organization. Together over 5 years as designer and pattern cutter, they worked with top European Alternative Trade Organizations designing and delivering new ranges of hand woven table linens, embroidered bags, tailored bath robes, slippers and many other accessories.

After returning to Bangladesh, in February 1998 Jackie, Jharna and 2 other local investors were excited to set up Motif Ltd. as a Joint Venture Private Limited Company. Thus, Motif was born.  

We here at Do Good Shop absolutely love their vision:

"For us to share a world where Fair Trade is the dynamic norm:

Where everyone part of making and supplying the goods we all eat and use is ethically employed.

Where we are all inspired and equipped to earn enough for the essential details of life – wherever we live

Where together it is known that we and our families can live and work in safe places without fear or humiliation, with trust and respect, anywhere in our world."

Amen, fellow fair trade warriors.  Thrilled to be partnered with you.

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