About the artisan: India


When you purchase these fair trade products, you support the livelihoods of artisans throughout India who have been handcrafting artisanal goods for generations. Simply by shopping, you proudly partner with women’s groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums, and isolated rural communities to empower artisans through dignified employment.

fair trade artisnal crafts and homemade goods fair trade sold at do good shop ethical marketplace

Do Good Shop customer purchases (as well as other ethical marketplaces!) have made it possible for our fabulous partners to complete more than 50 important community development projects for artisan groups in India. This includes solar panel installations, water conservation initiatives, vocational workshops, and access to healthcare. Plus, they’ve built kins to ensure safer production of goods.

Our dear partners in social enterprise and social good, originally from India, work closely with our artisan groups to ensure they have safe workspaces to practice their craft. As an environmentally friendly company, our organization partners who spend the most time actually with the artisans also work to improve their creative process. The goal is to eliminate artists' exposure to toxins, reduce water and fuel waste, and rely on natural/up-cycled materials.

When you buy through Do Good Shop, you are supporting:
• Safe work conditions
• Fair wages
• Education
• The confidence and well-being of our artisan partners
• No child labor
• Sustainable materials and trade practices