Artisan Impact: Oyanca Artesania

artisan in Honduras making handwoven basket fair trade gift for do good shop

Based in Managua, Nicaragua, Oyanca Artesania was founded in 2001 by Tamara Pereira, with the goal of providing increased export opportunities for Nicaraguan ceramic artisans. The enterprise seeks to invest resources in developing new designs, colors and forms, based on market trends, to build on traditional skills. In their ceramic pieces, Oyanca artisans combine the best of traditional Nicaraguan culture with contemporary design, in order to create innovative products that create new markets for traditional crafts. Oyanca works with artisans in both rural and urban areas of Nicaragua, with 50 percent of the artisans being women. Oyanca also conducts training programs for artisans, focused on marketing assistance, technical skills, infrastructure and production efficiency. 

artisan in Honduras making fair trade handicraft gifts for do good shop

You empower women and people in need with every single artisan purchase you make here at Do Good Shop.  Thank you!

group of artisan women in Honduras making fair trade gifts for do good shop

Explore some of the products created by Oyanca Artesania in Nicaragua.