Artisan Impact: Addis Abba, Ethiopia


In Ethiopia, men & women are stuck in poverty because of a systemic lack of employment opportunities. Even skills training & education can’t help if no jobs exist. Your purchase helps empower & employ the artisans who made it.


Meet Israel. As the manager of the workshop, Israel is incredible at keeping every detail straight for each handbag & manages his team with grace & confidence. He's also the mastermind who transforms our designs & patterns into life giving invaluable feedback with his extensive knowledge of leather construction. 

Ethiopian Leather

Typically, it's Israel who cuts the patterns from the leather before he hands them off to be sewn. 


Meet Higemengist. He's the mastermind behind the sewing machine & sews in such a perfectly straight line you'd think it was impossible not to! His concentration & attention to detail is truly astounding. 

Ethiopian Leather Handbags


Meet Hafiza, Azeb, & Lydya. After the handbag is carefully assembled, these ladies tie the ends of each thread, seal the knot with a small flame, & trim the ends for a final polished look. These final details are incredibly time consuming, but the effect on the finished handbag is clear: this is high quality work. 

Handmade Fair Trade Handbags

As we grow, we can provide dignified, sustainable employment for even more artisans in Ethiopia.
The alternatives are bleak & we’re eager to continue to hire additional employees with your help
through your purchases & by helping us spread the word that we can make a difference little by little
- handbag by handbag.

bio/photo credit, Jen Lewis of Purse & Clutch