Artisan Impact: Andrea and family


Meet Andrea.
Left behind as a child.
Victim of violence.
At 19 she gathered the courage to flee,
her 5 year old son and infant daughter in tow.

After a long journey, she found shelter in a refugee sanctuary in Tijuana.
There she met Sarah, Ashley, Jenni, Cristina, Pastor Gustavo.  
There she learned you can have food and shelter without abuse.
There she joined sewing classes and discovered newfound opportunity.
in discovering she has skills to support herself and her kids.
And there, she understood for the first time that there are people (like you!) in this world who want to empower her with a fresh start.

And even now, after moving from the refugee camp to a place of her own, she still works closely with the Women's Sewing Cooperative, hand printing and painting the bags, pillow covers, and banners they sew.  The connection and community go on, even as people move to greener pastures.  This is truly an amazing community of women (Do Good Shop Founder, Jenni, speaks from experience of their warmth, welcome, and community, not to mention their work ethic!)



Andrea does not want to accept even a dollar of charity.  She has a strong desire to work and earn the money she and her kids need to pay for food, shelter, and life.  And she has already asked to be able to create orders of her Frida Kahlo paintings and other artistry!  We, like you, are more than happy to oblige.