Artisan Impact: Countries Around the Globe, Steeped Coffee


We believe that coffee is an experience that starts long before it is Steeped in your cup. A quality cup of coffee is not just enjoyable to our taste buds, but is also carries with it the attention to detail from each farmer, the direct trade relationships built to support the communities at origin, and the craftsmanship carried through our roasting. Every detail matters and our Direct Trade coffee allows us to ethically source each bean through growing relationships and buying practices that far exceed Fair Trade minimums. Do Good Shop and Steeped Coffee invite you to become part of a community that you can be proud of — a movement that cares for each page throughout its story.
We all have a role to play when it comes to the world we live in. At Steeped Coffee, we take these responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to packaging. Our Guilt-Free Packaging takes every possible step to ensure that your sacred coffee rituals go unnoticed by the next generation. Each Steeped Single Serve Coffee Bag is made of a non-GMO food grade renewable and biodegradable material. Our award winning outer Steeped Pack packaging is made using compostable and renewable materials. Steeped Coffee retail cartons are recyclable and made using 100% recycled materials with a minimum of 85% being from post-consumer materials or recycled fiber (with no virgin materials used). And each element of our packaging is utilizing every known innovation that we are aware of, while also preserving our coffee's quality and freshness. We continue to learn, innovate, and improve our materials as a top priority (not an afterthought). You can be assured that we'll keep doing our best, so by all means... don't buy garbage and leave just your 'actual' footprints wherever your journey takes you.


  • Direct Trade Coffee: quality coffee ethically sourced directly from farmers

  • Micro Batches: roasted locally in small batches

  • Precision Ground: consistent water-cooled grinding to the micron

  • Full Immersion Filter: regulates ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out

  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edges: eliminates the use of glues and staples while providing clean edges

  • Guilt-Free Packaging: fully compostable packaging. Our inks for printing are even water-based with no toxic VOCs.