Artisan Impact - Craft Link in Vietnam

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Craft Link promotes awareness of ethnic minority crafts and culture in Vietnam, helping small Vietnamese craft producers find opportunities to market their products. Your purchase helps preserve traditional Vietnamese craft skills while guaranteeing fair wages, safety, and social welfare for artisans.

Begun in 1996 by NGOs interested in handicrafts, Craft Link sought to ensure everyone benefited from the improving Vietnamese economy. With the goal of generating income for the poor, Craft Link gives preference to producers who are marginalized or disadvantaged, such as ethnic minorities in remote areas, street children, and people with disabilities. Helping them develop craft skills, design products, learn business skills, and organize into production groups, the nonprofit organization also provides markets to sell handmade products through its shops, bazaars, and export channels. Working closely with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi, Craft Link also helps preserve traditional Vietnamese craft skills like the weaving and embroidery of rural tribal groups, puppet making, and traditional ceramics. Craft Link's beloved ceramics are made in Bat Trang, a small village on the Red River famous for its ceramic pottery since the 15th century.