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Fair Trade Egypt empowers local communities of marginalized artisans, preserving craft income traditions passed down through many generations. Your purchase provides talented artisans the opportunity to live independently, preserving handcraft traditions that are uniquely Egyptian, but threatened by mass production.

The first fair trade organization in this region, Fair Trade Egypt (FTE) was established in 2004 to sustain vulnerable Egyptian artisans and their craft traditions. Believing local artisans cannot compete in today's competitive market without support and a marketing arm, our partner organization assists artisans with product design, capacity building, literacy and computer training, and medical support. They advocate fair trade principles as culturally, socially, and environmentally smart business ideals, and links artisans with global fair trade markets. Protecting Egypt's rich craft culture is at the heart of the cooperative, and FTE works to promote handwoven Egyptian textiles and ethnic embroidery, as well as brass jewelry. Today they are thrilled to work with 34 artisan groups and over 1,700 Egyptian craft artisans, more than 90% women.

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Do Good Shop is proud to partner with ethical artisan partners in the United States, and all over the world. Your purchases create real life change in the fashion industry and beyond. Thank you for supporting these artisans.

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