Artisan Impact: Ghana, Cocoa Farmers

Divine Chocolates pays small-scale cocoa farmers in Ghana market premiums, funding community projects and improving their quality of life. Your purchase supports a powerful poverty-fighting business model that demonstrates what fair trade business principles can achieve.

fair trade cocoa farmers ethical gifts for do good shop from ghana

The Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was created in 1993, when cocoa farmers in Ghana united to negotiate better prices for their cocoa. Five years later, the first bar of Divine Chocolate burst onto the confectionary scene, born of a partnership between the cooperative, Twin Trading, the Body Shop, and Comic Relief. Aiming to prove that a company abiding by fair and ethical standards could be a success, this Fairtrade-certified chocolatier today boasts global sales in the millions. As the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the world, Divine benefits 85,000 cocoa famers in Ghana, enabling them to receive premiums for their beans, fund community projects like wells and schools, and participate in business decisions.



Your purchase of this quality, gift that keeps on giving empowers artisan survivors by helping support them monthly with a living wage through meaningful artisan employment. Learn more about Do Good Shop.