Artisan Impact: India, Clothing + Sewing Centers

Each year, millions of women and children are trafficked into sexual exploitation in India.  We are working to change this by providing hope and opportunity through living-wage jobs, skills training, and education.  This change is possible because customers are purchasing fair trade, ethically made goods that support the women who make them.

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Your purchase creates a ripple effect of good where each purchase of products echoes into the lives of many women and children. We then work with our partners to deepen the impact they make by investing donated dollars into safeness, empowerment and financial independence. You help our partners provide women with the opportunity to work their way out of poverty by building a sustainable future for themselves and their families. Access to sustainable living wages not only provides a pathway to financial independence but, most importantly, provides a sense of purpose, dignity, security, and hope for the future. The effect of dignified employment grants the opportunity for the women who work at our partner centers to self-develop and create a life of freedom for themselves, their families, and their communities.