Artisan Impact: Myanmar : Thailand Border

Crafting Impact. Empowering Her. Styling for Hope.

There is an amazing phrase spoken as a blessing over youth in Myanmar. Lay le ya is a Pwo Karen saying that means hope-filled forward motion. 

We use clay as a starting point to work with women along the Thailand-Myanmar border. We form each porcelain piece, paint every metallic stroke, and assemble the pieces with 14k gold-filled and sterling silver fittings. Our intent in training artisans is not simply to make beautiful products, but to provide training in life skills, character education, and spiritual development so as to overcome obstacles and pursue a hope-filled future.

sojourn/ˈsōjərn/: A temporary stop where a traveler resides; respite on a journey

Since 2017, Sojourn Studio has been empowering women to earn extra income while discovering their immense value. Teen apprentices establish savings to expand opportunities for their futures while our day program gives mothers and young women the chance to earn extra income to support their families.

Sojourn Studio is a social enterprise of Global Child Advocates, U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN #26-3666515) and a registered Thai foundation.