Artisan Impact: Thailand, jewelry and clothing

People who make fair trade products are often both socially and economically marginalized. The women we work directly with have been exploited and are recovering from many forms of abuse. By working for a company that employs fair trade principles they are able to start the process of rebuilding their lives on a sustainable future that offers hope.

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Our partner organization Awaken began with a vision that a business could create one of a kind products and change lives at the same time. Founders Emily and Andrew always felt blessed to grow up in a country that supports freedom and has given them opportunities many would only dream of.

With shared hearts to Do Good, they set off to find partners that were doing amazing work in challenging socioeconomic communities. Through a lead at a human trafficking presentation, they heard about a Thai business that employs those coming out of prostitution and human trafficking in Thailand. They headed off to Bangkok to share their vision and also hear about the Thai business model.  The 2 social justice organizations have now been working together for over 5 years.  These beautiful products are handcrafted by women who are rebuilding their lives after exploitation and finding restoration through dignified employment.

Your purchase makes a real difference in the lives of real survivors!  Thank you for empowering women to stay free!