Artisan Impact: Tijuana, Mexico Refugee Camp + Women's Artisan Collective
After fleeing violence and political unrest in their home countries, the families arriving at Pastor Gustavo's sanctuary know no one and have only the clothes on their backs.  After the many days and even weeks long journeys, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles on foot, the weary travelers are welcomed to safety and get settled in with a warm meal, blankets, and sleeping mats or bunks.
Fast forward to days later, when women from several different countries come together in the Women's Sewing/Artist's Cooperative room.  They are welcomed in.  They are invited to have a cup of coffee and meet the group.  These women and their children are giving fresh hope for a new life as they learn new, marketable skills, receive care and therapy from our Mexico-resident social worker, and share childcare duties in the children's space next to the Cooperative.
Each and every item they create brings:
  • confidence
  • living wage pay
  • connection with other refugee women
  • a new way forward to a safe and thriving life

S H O P  T H E  C H A N G E

Your purchases empower people like the artisans you met above, creating a sustainable hand up via safe, living wage employment.

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