Artisan Impact: Handmade in Nepal


The mission of Conscious Connections Foundation is to facilitate the advancement of marginalized individuals in Nepal by promoting access to education, healthcare, skills development, and facilities improvement so they can create strong, vibrant, economically viable communities and to educate North Americans on their ability to positively impact these individuals lives with direct donations.

Ganesh Himal has an excellent selection of Fair Trade wholesale hats, scarves and headbands made from:

  • Recycled saris
  • Felted wool
  • Cotton
  • Hemp

Like many Ganesh Himal products, many of our hats and scarves are made with recycled and sustainable fibers, which include:


Our hemp hats are made from wild hemp that is sustainably harvested in western Nepal. Hemp production is a valuable economic asset for these villages. The tailors who make our hemp goods receive fair wages as well as benefits such as bonuses, paid leave and medical expenses.  Ganesh Himal also offers several hemp blend items including knit items and clothing in attempt to utilize this sustainable, locally harvested fiber.

Recycled Silk:

Ganesh Himal loves to use repurposed and recycled materials whenever possible which is why we offer numerous items made from repurposed silk saris.  Several of our items use large, in-tact pieces of gently used saris providing a great diversity in color and patterns.  The largest pieces of sari are used in clothing and scarves while the scraps from these items are used for coin purses and headbands.  Our recycled silk sari bags and kitchen goods are made from recycled scraps of silk saris that have been spun into a soft and colorful yarn. These accessories are some of Ganesh Himal’s most popular products. The women who knit or weave these silk items are working toward creating financial stability for themselves and their children by being fair trade partners with Ganesh Himal Trading.