Artisan Impact: Juan and Reina, Peru

Favorite Food:

Juan: Baked Guinea Pig
Reina: Chairo Soup

Favorite Music:
Juan: Andean and Huayno
Reina: All kinds – Romantic, Salsa, Cumbia, and Huayno

Favorite Pastime:
Juan: Playing soccer and spending time with his children
Reina: Going out for walks with her children, knitting, and creating new things

Juan and Reina are partners who make various knit products with alpaca wool, acrylic fibers, or a mix of both. Juan was born in Cuzco and now lives in Juliaca with Reina, where she was born. They have two children together, one boy and one girl. Reina comes from a family of artisans and her mother was the one who taught her to knit. When Juan met Reina he dedicated himself to the artisan craft and together they have grown their business commercially. They have several people that work knit for them and at the end of the every year Reina gives them a holiday basket to thank them for their continued hard work.

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*some artisans prefer their photos to be obscured for privacy.