Artisan Impact: Zambia, Africa

We exist to enable communities to thrive by identifying and developing unrealized human potential to free people to pursue their vision of a better world. 

The best body care ingredients begin with those who cultivate them

In a simple way, this image captures one of our passions here at Zambeezi. Vincent, one of the beekeepers, and André, one of our founders, are discussing their ideas on different forms of hives and ways we can cultivate a greater yield. You see it’s a partnership, not a patronage. We both bring value to the table and out of that mutual investment, an incredible vision is brought into fruition. It isn’t just about the lip balm. No, it’s so much more than that. It’s about people thriving!

So often, in the West, we have a very monetarily driven value of success and worth. From that false ideal, we have often created broken systems of support and aid. Our desires are often very good, but yet they still fall short. Because we define worth in monetary terms, we often look at those who fiscally have less than us as those whom we need to help. So, we concoct plans that revolve around monetary values, but miss the people, the community and the culture in the process. 

S H O P  T H E  C H A N G E

Your purchases empower people like the artisans you met above, creating a sustainable hand up via safe, living wage employment.

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