Our Partners


Elegantees provides hope to overcomers of sex trafficking in Nepal. A positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence restores lives one elegant tee at a time.
The best way to reduce trafficking in Nepal is to reduce the poverty. The sewing center in Nepal is where they aim to employ hundreds. Workers are paid a fair and living wage for a meaningful way to live.  There are about 10 sewers on the team.  Your purchase of an Elegantees shirt, dress or cardigan through Do Good Shop enables this safe and purposeful sewing center to continue and thrive. . . bringing them ever closer to their goal of employing hundreds one day!




Nunayú is a ministry from El Pozo de Vida AC. It is a social business project located in Mexico City offering women a way out of prostitution by providing the resources to earn their living through designing and making jewelry.  The project was officially launched in 2015 with 8 women who committed to the project and leaving their former lives working on the streets. Each woman is paid a daily wage for her work and 100% of the proceeds from sales go back into the project. 

The restoration program combats exploitation and violence against women by providing a steady job opportunity, vocational skills, professional training, education and emotional and psychological support with the purpose of reintegration into society.

We are a group of women, empowered to create and live out our full potential.  Nunayu is more than jewelry.  It is a space for community, a new life and a vision for hope in our future. Nunayu is freedom!




Global Girlfriends fair trade brand offers a line of trend-setting, women-made, fair trade products and gifts with one purpose ~ helping women in need help themselves. They (and we!) believe passionately that economic opportunity for women holds the promise for real change in the world; because when women have an income, they reinvest in themselves and in their children’s health, education and nutrition, building stronger families and communities over time. Many women try desperately to make a living selling their artisan-quality goods but find that they have little access to market opportunities. Through fair trade practices, Do Good Shop & Global Girlfriend bring the work of these disadvantaged groups directly to you. 

Global Girlfriend believes in forming long-term partnerships that provide women a fair living wage with equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions,technical assistance and development strategies to foster prosperity and reduce poverty. Between wholesale and retail channels, we work with over 100 women’s artisan organizations in over 30 countries. We specialize in sourcing beautiful handmade products that make a life changing difference for the women who make them.  In addition, every purchase you make helps support girls' education globally through GROW (Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide).  


We so agree with our partner organization, Sudara!  Let’s get right down to it: No human being should be owned by anyone, anywhere, for any reason- ever. It really is that simple.

We are passionate about India- where some of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking anywhere in the world are reported. And while it may seem overwhelming, we are hopeful because we are seeing how safe, sustainable jobs are making a way for women to make their way out of the sex trade- or altogether avoid it

Our lounge pants are inspired by the beauty, colors and textures seen throughout the local culture and are crafted by brave women in the community who wish to remain free from the trade they escaped.

You can feel GOOD about wearing these fine clothes.  They are made from hope, and made for comfort.




The idea for our partner organization, Mitscoots, sparked while volunteering along the streets of Austin, Texas in 2008.  They discovered that right after food and water, there was no greater request among the less fortunate than for a clean pair of socks and some quality gear.  So, for every Mitscoots item purchased, you are also providing an equal quality item to someone in need.  AND ALSO, transitioning homeless are given a chance to escape the cycle of poverty through fair employment getting each and every purchase packaged up and ready to go. So, so good! 

Gear with a mission:  GET + GIVE + EMPLOY.



AIM is a 501(c)3 organization that has been fighting sex-trafficking in Cambodia for more than 10 years now.  All merchandise is made at the AIM Employment Center (AEC), which since 2012 has been providing rescued young women with training in garment manufacturing, healthcare coverage, childcare, counseling, and continued language education, all while being compensated well above the national average. 

AIM Employment Center offers an immediate rescue to those still trapped in brothels with no opportunity for income, no way to care for children and pressure to raise money for family. Your purchase of our products directly impacts the lives of these rescued girls and allows us to continue combatting sex-trafficking.

Thank you for investing in the fight against injustice, the transformation of cultural expectations, and renewed hope!




Matr Boomie began in 2006 (as Handmade Expressions) with the mission of creating opportunities for women and minorities to realize their creative, economic and leadership potential.  Nearly a decade later, the little company run out of the founders' (Manish and Ruchi) Austin apartment has grown into a leading fair trade wholesaler and innovator in ethical, sustainable business that empowers formerly marginalized artisans in partner communities throughout India.   

Their passion has enabled them to build a credible force in the fair trade market while making critical differences in the lives of partner artisans, their families and communities. Each time you purchase a Matr Boomie item from Do Good Shop, you'll receive ethically made exclusive, modern, boho-chic styles that do good in the lives of those who made them!  Guilt free shopping that makes a difference in the world!




Sari Bari makes and sells beautiful, handmade, upcycled sari products but it's more than that. The heart of Sari Bari is its women, survivors of Kolkata's red light areas who have taken brave steps into new life, freedom and hope.

Each Sari Bari product is marked with the name of the woman who made it and with your purchase you become a part of her freedom story.  

Just as the traditional Bengali woman has taken her worn saris and invested her time and care to create something new, by purchasing a bag, pillow or quilt made by Sari Bari you are investing in the lives of our friends and partners, the women in the red light areas of Kolkata and young women at-risk in outlying villages, for a new life in the making.  By shopping at Do Good Shop, you are helping create a new life for each of these women!  YAY you!




Mission Lazarus works diligently to serve God and others.  Check out the beliefs their organization is built upon: 
-All people are created in the image of God and desire to live a more abundant life. 
-Economic stability improves family dynamics.   
-Gainful employment compounds a personal and communal sense of accomplishment, purpose and dignity.   
-Job security provides an opportunity for individual, family and community transformation.  -A livable wage is one that enables the worker to invest for the future of himself and his family. 

Mission Lazarus is committed to pay their employees 25% more than the established local Fair Trade wages. The students at the vocational school also receive wages and all employees in every area are eligible for healthcare.




United Women Alliance is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) and a certified Fair Trade Organization located in Igombe Village, Buwenge Sub-County, Jinja district (Central East Uganda) It commenced in 2011 with 15 members as a Women's Group under Omega Christian Prayer Centre Church aiming at helping single mothers to alleviate poverty thus promoting economic development and self-sufficiency.  The UWA particularly focuses on local marginalized/vulnerable women like single mothers and widows by supporting them in vocational skills enhancement.  Do Good Shop is proud to partner with this amazing group of hardworking and talented women to help them fulfill their mission:  Production of crafts to alleviate poverty in Uganda.  




The Little Black Dress Project was created by an average person for ordinary people.  Once a year, random individuals from around the country commit to igniting a broader awareness of human trafficking while raising funds for anti-trafficking organizations. The method is simple--wearing your chosen black item of clothing each and every day for a month. (Before you skip-out, you guys can do this too, in your shirt, suit, or tie.)

We've had men, women, and even children join us. It doesn't matter if you are an AV technician, photographer, college kid, teacher's aid, mural-painter, website designer, fiction book blogger, homeschooler, student director at the synagogue, daycare worker, lighting architect, media consultant, non-profit staff, mommy of a newborn, or a mom of four--we've had all of these take part in the LBD Project.

If you want to learn more about human trafficking, help others know about this issue, and do something meaningful about it, we invite you to join us in the Little Black Dress Project, or LBD Project. 





Peace, Love, Bling - By committing to ethically hand-crafted products Peace, Love & Bling is able to provide creative, dignified employment for women emerging from disadvantaged circumstances like homelessness and human trafficking.

PL&B also proudly partners with Amethyst, Inc., a long-term treatment program based in Columbus, Ohio that helps women break the bonds of human trafficking, homelessness and addiction in order to lead lives of self-sufficiency and economic independence.  Each stunning piece of Peace, Love, Bling jewelry you purchase at Do Good Shop empowers women to break the chain of injustice and rise above their difficult circumstances.  Way to go, you!  Supporting a great cause while you shop!