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Do Good Shop Subscription Boxes:  WHAT'S INSIDE . . . 

In order to best financially serve our artisans (and save the trees!) visit this page to learn about each item in your box, countries and artisan groups represented, and creative ways to use your fabulous box of DO GOOD(ies) together!

Boxes vary due to styles survey and genre of box chosen.

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THE SUMMER BOX:  Bee the Change You Want to See in the World


disability advocate founder of friendsheep and artisans from nepal eco friendly laundry balls do good shop subscription

ceramic artists women escaping sex trafficking poverty domestic abuse in the usa for do good shop subscription boxes

THE SPRING BOX:  Ethical Sunwear


summer sundress pockets black colorful do good shop subscription box insert info card 

kaftan swimsuit cover up, summer sunwear part of do good shop ethical subscription boxes

salt and sea lidded candle tin, summer beach part of do good shop ethical subscription boxes

organic cotton shorts and shirt, summer sunwear part of do good shop ethical subscription boxes

trucker hat on bearded man, part of the do good shop ethical subscription box boxes




do good shop mystery box subscription box ethical fair trade gifts



THE FALL BOX:  Ethical Entertaining

FALL 2021 



Meet the Artisans:

  • Johny's Woodworking Team
  • Cristina, Instructor for Refugee Women's Sewing Cooperative
  • Andrea, Hand Painting and Printing

Artesanos de Esperanza, Tijuana, Mexico (Zona Norte)

Medium:  Woodworking

vocational training woodworking tijuana mexico do good shop

training center mexico woodworking

carpentry team mexico ethical woodwork home goods

"As a Hope Zone ministry, we believe in reaching all spheres of society and one sphere that we really started tapping into back in 2018 was the business sphere. After years of moving locations, transition and shut down, we are back and running our carpentry shop at a new location and we are so excited to see an incredible group of people learning and growing. Our desire as a ministry is to provide a safe, professional platform that teaches practical skills to the individuals of Zona Norte and that through the process, it will bring better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Our goals are to empower individuals to be a successful part of society with a full understanding of God’s love for them and to be part of bringing transformation to the community around them.
We want to provide recognized certification for local companies for better work opportunities. Lastly, we desire to provide a Godly work environment that transforms minds, but also provides quality income that helps break the cycle of poverty and survival and allows them to start to dream for themselves and their families."

Johny Lopez, Director and Instructor 


Cristina, Instructor for the Women's Sewing Cooperative

Refugee Camp Sanctuary, Tijuana, Mexico

Medium:  Sewing


Andrea, formerly living at the Refugee Camp and learning from Cristina at the Women's Sewing Room, now living on her own and using her skills to keep working with Do Good Shop, and also to start her very own Etsy shop...La Vida Del Sol!

Click below to hear from Andrea via video . . . 

Hear from Andrea about her choice to stay in her home country.

Thank you, shoppers!  Love Andrea


THE SUMMER BOX:  There's Only 1 Planet


(scroll down for videos of the refugee camp, new school and playground being built, and the talented artisan women and their kiddos!)



Below, you're invited to join Jenni on a walk through "tour" of the new school building going up just behind Pastor Gustavo's church where the refugee camp is located.  

Here, on the church property, men who worked construction in their previous homeland are wording side by side with men willing to learn. Together, they are building a place where the hundreds of displaced children will be able to return to some normalcy, and continue with their education, or start anew as the case may be!

Many of the refugee women are trained teachers from their countries of origin, or from Southern Mexico, and are already holding makeshift classes for the children. Having this bright and beautiful school building just up the hill from the sanctuary-turned-dormitory will be wonderful for all!




Below you'll find a video of Andrea* and her daughter.  Andrea is the talented artist who printed you eco-friendly, reusable canvas lunch/everyday bag. She made a special one for each of you! You met her through our last box (she handprinted your Succa for Love dishtowels!).

After fleeing violence to save the life of herself and her children, she arrived at the refugee camp last fall at 19, with her 5 year old son and baby girl in tow.  After connecting with our social worker, the sewing teacher, and the many refugees who would become friends in the sewing room, Andrea found that she no longer wanted to try and cross into the US.  She was building a life that she loved right in her home country!  

Now, she lives in a 4-plex of apartments that share a common courtyard.  Andrea and the moms who live in the other 3 homes share life together now, cooking meals together, having movie nights in the courtyard on Fridays, and helping one another with childcare.  

When I was visiting last May, as soon as the older kids got back from school, they came running up to Andrea's apartment to visit her littles and invite her son out to play in the shared courtyard.  AMAZING the change in the life of this little family!  And YOU are such a big part of this wonderful transformation.  Thank you.  

THE WINTER BOX:  Fair Trade Feast


tea farmer collective cooperative sold at do good shop


 FAIR trade feast ethical food subscription box do good shop for a cause

coffee farmers cooperative africa for do good shop

THE FALL BOX:  Gather Together

FALL 2021

all are welcome here banner canvas griege table runner handpoured candle


Please take a look at artisan photos and our newest blog post about my trip to meet our artisan partners in Tijuana, Mexico.



THE SUMMER BOX:  Ethical Fashion Capsule

Classic White Cover-up Wrap


BENEFITS:  Women and their children

ADDITIONAL IMPACT:  health insurance and educational scholarships

Hand-painted Ring

(subscription box exclusive!)

HANDMADE IN:  Uganda, Africa

BENEFITS:  street kids, at risk youth

ADDITIONAL IMPACT:  school tuition and uniforms, community programs, safe housing

Long Length Necklace


BENEFITS:  Women and their children

ADDITIONAL IMPACT:  women's jewelry cooperative, health insurance and educational scholarships, small business mentoring

Do Good Shop Gift Card

Add to your ethical fashion capsule with your choice of items from our fair trade collection.  Make your mark with your own unique style!


THE SPRING BOX:  Ready to Roam 

Protective Silk Hair Tie

Handmade in Nepal by survivor artisans connected with one the the Fair Trade Federation's founding members:  Ganesh Himal.

A cute elastic hairband made from recycled silk knit around an elastic band. Adds great accent to anyone's ponytail or messy bun!  Toss in your leather on the go piece and you're ready to wander!

And, a great way for our producers to use up small strands of recycled silk yarn too!

Suncare Lip Balm

Shield your lips from the harmful one-two punch of UVA and UVB rays!
This delightful, gingery balm combines organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients with Zinc Oxide to naturally protect your kisser.
Comparable to SPF 15

Soft & Soothing - Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and hello to happy lips. Our organic, Fair Trade beeswax base provides a protective barrier, ensuring your skin retains necessary moisture.

Comfortable to Carry & Store - Our unique oval tube won't roll off the table and comfortably slides into your pocket.

Ingredients: organic beeswax*, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, lanolin, organic mongongo oil*, organic jojoba oil, zinc oxide, organic lemongrass oil*, organic peppermint oil, organic rosemary oil*, vitamin e
*Fair Trade or ethically produced product of Zambia, Africa

Chiban Leather Goods

Wallet | Wristlet | Crossbody/Belt Bag | Toiletries Zipper Bag | Belt

Eden Gelan, founder of Chiban Leather Co. in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has a very special place in our founder's heart!  Both Eden and Jenni started their social good organizations around the same time:  2015/2016.  Both left their regular jobs to take a leap of faith in creating a place where survivors of oppression could thrive via safe, living wage work.  And both women forged a bond, working together to bring safe, ethical work to survivors while at the same time bringing gorgeous, handmade, 100% genuine leather goods to you.  

Everybody wins!


Ethically Sourced Coffee | Tea


We believe that coffee is an experience that starts long before it is Steeped in your cup. A quality cup of coffee is not just enjoyable to our taste buds, but is also carries with it the attention to detail from each farmer, the direct trade relationships built to support the communities at origin, and the craftsmanship carried through our roasting. Every detail matters and our Direct Trade coffee allows us to ethically source each bean through growing relationships and buying practices that far exceed Fair Trade minimums. Do Good Shop and Steeped Coffee invite you to become part of a community that you can be proud of — a movement that cares for each page throughout its story.
We all have a role to play when it comes to the world we live in. At Steeped Coffee, we take these responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to packaging. Our Guilt-Free Packaging takes every possible step to ensure that your sacred coffee rituals go unnoticed by the next generation. Each Steeped Single Serve Coffee Bag is made of a non-GMO food grade renewable and biodegradable material. Our award winning outer Steeped Pack packaging is made using compostable and renewable materials. Steeped Coffee retail cartons are recyclable and made using 100% recycled materials with a minimum of 85% being from post-consumer materials or recycled fiber (with no virgin materials used). And each element of our packaging is utilizing every known innovation that we are aware of, while also preserving our coffee's quality and freshness. We continue to learn, innovate, and improve our materials as a top priority (not an afterthought). You can be assured that we'll keep doing our best, so by all means... don't buy garbage and leave just your 'actual' footprints wherever your journey takes you.

At Equal Exchange we all walk around like we own the place. That's because we all do! Our co-op has over 130 worker-owners, each with an equal stake - and an equal vote - in our business. We believe that we should expect no less from ourselves and each other than we demand of our farmer partners. For that reason we have organized ourselves as a democratic worker co-operative, now one of the largest in the country.


The concepts are quite simple:

  • the right to vote (one vote per employee, not per share);
  • the right to serve as leader (i.e. board director);
  • the right to information;
  • the right to speak your mind.

A worker cooperative is an alternative for-profit structure based upon standard democratic principles. It is not designed to maximize profits, nor returns to investors, but rather to bring to the workplace many of the rights and responsibilities that we hold as citizens in our communities. These principles include one-person/one-vote equality; open access to information (i.e., open-book management); free speech; and the equitable distribution of resources (such as income.)

A worker co-op is not owned by outside shareholders or a small group of founders or partners but by all the employees in equal portions. Top level managers and entry-level employees alike own an identical share and receive an equal share of any profits or losses. These "worker-owners" both elect the Board of Directors and fill six Board seats. The Board in turn is responsible for hiring and supervising management. Consequently a circle is formed, as in American civic democracy, of everyone being accountable to someone else.

The delegation of responsibilities is very much like that of conventional firms - which allows for efficiency - except that at Equal Exchange those at the "bottom" of the organizational chart are, as owners, also at the "top" of the same chart.


Upcycled Bike Chain Keyring

artisan impact handmade in the usa for do good shop

One way our partner artisan Mellisa makes a living after a life of struggle, living on and off the streets, is through her love of art and creativity.  After a longtime friendship with Mellisa and a front row seat to her and many of her friends struggles, marginalization and pain, we came to find out that she had a hidden talent for creativity and art.  Through the generosity of local Davis bike shops like Ken's Bike and Ski and B & L Bikes, Mellisa receives donated leftover bicycle parts, adds her own flair and creativity, and the result is the trendy and eco-friendly up-cycled art you see here at Do Good Shop.

Mellisa partner artisan with star keychains up-cycled bicycle art for do good shop.jpg  

With each purchase, you are empowering a talented artist in need of a hand up.  Additionally, you give a happy home to up-cycled bicycle parts that were destined for the landfill.  Your purchase saves the planet AND saves lives.  Thank you.

Leather Keychain or Luggage Tag

Our fabulous partners at 2nd Story Goods know that you want to be both fashionable and responsible without going over budget. They work on the ground with our artisans in Gonaives, Haiti, creating recycled, handcrafted goods for a livable wage.  Many people who had no way forward are now empowered to thrive because of your good purchases.  Thank you!





THE WINTER BOX:  Fab Feb Ethical Box o' Love

 Shop our ethical Valentines Day Seasonal Collection here.



THE FALL BOX:  Calm & Cozy

Ethical subscription box fall calm cozy at do good shop


Soft and Cozy Scarf

handknit infinity scarves handmade in ecuador sold at do good shop ethical gifts

meet the artisan survivor from ecuador handmade scarves for do good shop ethical gifts

upcycle sari scarf fair trade ethical gifts at do good shop on model with hair scrunchie

Handmade up cycled sari scarf with sari bead detail.  Lightweight and gorgeous in its many patterns and colors.  Enjoy on a crisp fall day!


Intention Journal

Do good shop ethical subscription box fair trade intention journal

Take a pause.  Doodle.  Journal.  Tell a story.  Share a memory you'd like to tell another later.  Life is unpredictable this year.  Make sure to take breaks to breathe, be still, and keep your shine in these times of trouble. 

Handmade in India by artisans that YOU empower with your subscription.  Thank you!

Colored Pencil Roll

Meet Maria.  The resilient women who handmade all of the fun and functional pencil rolls for your subscription boxes this Fall season.  She's the one that brought tears to my eyes when I heard about the amazing way she used her hard earned money:  to go to be with her sister giving birth.  What JOY to share that huge life event with her sister.  JOY made possible by YOU!  So grateful for what we can do as we all come together for better lives and futures for all.  When you use your roll (for make up and brushes, gel pens, business cards and pens, or whatever you choose!), think of Maria and the sisters visit of which you were a meaningful part.

survivor women in mexico handmade fabric make up brush gel pens colored pencils holder sold a do good shop ethical gifts women sewing cooperative

handmade make up brush colored pencil gel pens roller case sold at do good shop ethical gifts

About the artisan open road global fair trade end sex trafficking do good shop

Calming Coloring Page

Untie, grab your pencil roll, and put your feet up for a calming session of a classic:  coloring.  Use the ribbon to add a pop of color to your handmade, eco-friendly metal holiday decor.

Do good shop ethical subscription box coloring page fair trade

Holiday Decor

Set this piece on a mantel, shelf, or among grouping of your own special pieces.  Goes wonderfully to display a word of the season with a nativity, menorah, or kinara.

handmade metal word art holiday decor JOY fair trade artisan made for do good shop ethical gifts

meet the artisan haiti fair trade ethically made for do good shop ethical holiday gifts

Hope Jewelry

 street kids rescued by ethical artisan employment sold through do good shop handmade in uganda

Do good shop ethical subscription boxes fair trade hand-beaded from  Uganda

Do good shop ethical subscription box hand beaded jewelry from Uganda

Hand Sanitizer Case

Hand sanitizer holder with clip on the go sanitize sold at do good shop ethical gifts

handmade woman artisan ethical gifts sold at do good shop social enterprise

Our superstar seamstress partners in rural Mexico are dedicated, talented, and hardworking!  By using thrifted or donated up cycled denim, their creations are both trendsetting and planet friendly.  Each handmade item sold through Do Good Shop empowers these women with dignified, living wage work which provides not only for them but also for their families.  Each artisan receives training in sewing specific items, moving on to more complex pieces as she is ready. 

 • • • 



do good shop subscription box summer theme ethical fair trade gifts     

Summer Small Bites Tray

Perfect for summer favorites like Caprese Salad, Charcuterie Boards for One, or morning coffee and a muffin!

 summer caprese salad on fair trade wood tray from do good shop with balsamic vinegar     summer subscription box of ethical gifts from do good shop

Others like to use their trays as a valet station to store phone, wallet, and keys in one unchanging place for safekeeping.  (Do we have any other keys/phone misplacers here?)

These gorgeously unique, artisan made trays also make great wedding or housewarming gifts.  

Create beautiful displays in your home, classroom, or office for candles on a dinner table, or mason jars with needed pens and supplies on a desk.

Read about the survivor artisans who made this gorgeous item.


Cheese Knife

cheese knife on wooden tray with fruit for do good shop subscription box ethical gifts

This ethically made knife is the perfect pairing with your summer cheese board, presented beautifully on your new wooden oval tray.  When things open up safely, delight your friends with a beautifully displayed tray of fruit and cheese; until then who's to say you can enjoy a wine and cheese hour set up under the stars just for you?  

Read about the survivor artisans  who made this gorgeous item.

Table Square 

summer subscription box fair trade ethical gifts from do good shop   

This one of a kind, hand dyed piece has many uses!  Here, we've chosen to use it to give our summer a touch of "going out" while staying mostly in our own homes.  Set yourself up a lovely picnic under the stars, with your fancy table square, tray of yummies, and a glass of your favorite local wine (Too bad we couldn't include that too!)

Want to get even more use out of your square?  It's uses are many: bandana, headband, DIY face mask (elastic bands included, watch how to video here)  Send us pictures of how you use yours!  Maybe you'll find a new use for it, so versatile!

bandana DIY face mask do good shop subscription box item  DIY no sew face mask with a bandana fair trade subscription box item from do good shop

Read about the survivor artisans who made this gorgeous item.



 candle travel tin lavender fair trade artisan made for do good shop subscription box  summer subscription box lantern candle fair trade ethical gifts from do good shop

In case the moon alone isn't enough light for dining alfresco, this candlelight sets the stage for a lovely summer night under the stars.  Can be used indoors or out, with a standard tea light, an LED tea light or votive, or our favorite way:  fairy lights!  

summer patio scene white lights ethical fair trade deck gifts for do good shop

Read about the survivor artisans who made these gorgeous items:

Red lantern

Wood Candle

Glass Dots Candle

Tin Candle

Emergency Candle



mamacita tank top fair trade do good shop subscription box   fair trade towel for do good shop ethical subscription box   fair trade picnic blanket for do good shop ethical subscription box  

Stay cool and ethical with your lightweight, fair trade top!  Tank tops were sewn through women's cooperative in Indonesia, and screen printed in Tijuana, Mexico.  Tee shirts were sewn in Cambodia by survivors of sex trafficking.

Easy to tote, lightweight towel can be popped in a backpack or the back of your car to have ready at a moments notice for a quick picnic, a light cover for a highly air conditioned building on a hot day, or to towel off after the gym or a dip in the water.

Read about the survivor artisans who made these gorgeous items:

Tank Top




Zipper Pouch

canvas zipper pouch fair trade handmade for do good shop subscription box   canvas zipper pouch fair trade handmade for do good shop subscription box

Printed with a saying of love or laughter, these hand-sewn pouches can be used for anything from pens and pencils to cell phones and keys to lipstick and a compact!  

Read about the survivor artisans who made these gorgeous items.


Surprise Jewelry Pouch

Each box contains a surprise piece of jewelry, handmade just for you!  Based on your preferences and style, we've hand picked an item made with an abundance of love and gratitude for YOU!  Your support of women and families through your subscription is huge to our survivor artisans.  Partnership like this give them great joy, stability, and dignity.  This piece of jewelry is a physical reminder to you of their heartfelt "thank you."  

Summer surprise pouch comes from the following artisan groups:

Open Road Global + Wildflowers Passage

Survivor Artisans in Gonaives, Haiti

Surprise Unisex/Kids Pouch

Each box contains a surprise item handmade just for you!  Based on your preferences and style, we've hand picked an item made with an abundance of love and gratitude for YOU!  Your support of women and families through your subscription is huge to our survivor artisans.  Partnership like this give them great joy, stability, and dignity.  This handmade, special gift is a physical reminder to you of their heartfelt "thank you."  

Summer surprise pouch items come from Ecuador.  Read about the artisan group you are partnering with here.